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Our Ambition

To become one of the world’s top 20 digitally innovative nations to offer citizens the opportunities available in the digital age


Our Mission

Building a world-class digital infrastructure and enabling innovative talents to seize the opportunities available in the digital age to achieve economic sustainability,

international leadership,

and a better quality of life


Our Values



Our Digital Vision

We strive toward becoming one of the world’s top 20 digitally innovative nations

Digital transformation is one of the key pillars for realizing the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, enabling citizens to seize opportunities available in the digital age, and achieving economic sustainability for a better quality of life. This is why the National Digital Transformation Unit cooperates with digital transformation partners to accelerate and enable digital transformation in the Kingdom and to realize many accomplishments through a national digital perspective that reflects our digital vision.

○ Achieving excellence in providing government services

○ Accelerating national digital projects for serving public and private sectors

○ Activating digital policies and regulations

○ Improving citizens’ quality of life through advanced digital services

○ Informing citizens about digital services and their benefits

○ Transitioning from digital consumption to digital production

○ Creating sustainable digital job opportunities

○ Accelerating digital transformation across various sectors and preparing for the upcoming phase of growth

○ Increasing local content and growing the digital economy’s contribution to GDP